Wednesday, October 10, 2012

#1 Bridal Processional : "Canon in D"

“Canon” or “Canon in D" -which means it is in the Key of D - was composed around 1694 and was likely written for a wedding. This piece is now heard in virtually every Wedding scene on TV and in film.  The music term "canon" means a composition where multiple instruments play the same, or similar,  melody lines at different times.  Think “Row, Row, Row Your Boat”.  Although designed for multiple string instruments or a chording instrument like Piano or Harp, the melody is strong enough to be played beautifully by a single-line instrument such as Violin or Flute.  The more instruments you add the more rich and complex the musical layers. Quartet (4 pieces) or Quintet (5) are ideal if your budget allows but Duo, Trio, Organ, Piano, or Harp will sound great, too. "Canon" works well for a Bridesmaids Processional because it takes time to develop from slower whole notes to the fast sixteenth notes.  For Brides -  take a few deep breaths before you enter and move slowly to allow the music to build to it’s magnificent apex. A nice thing about Canon is that you can stop playing it at the end of almost any 8-measure section and it will sound like it was supposed to end there.  See one of our quartets play this piece. Steven Vance Quartets play Canon in D

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