Wednesday, October 10, 2012

#3 Most Popular Bridal Processional : "Trumpet Voluntary"

“Trumpet Voluntary”  is a general term given to may English keyboard tunes from the Baroque era. The “Prince Of Denmark March” was written by Jeremiah Clarke -but often attributed to Henry Purcell – was made very popular in 1981 when used as the procession of Princess Diana in her wedding with Prince Charles.  The composition is a slower, stately march with a clear melody in the first part which is restated in a different key, then breaks into quicker bridge before coming back to the main theme.  Nicely structured for a Wedding processional because it made up of short sections. See a the Crystal Strings Quartet play "Trumpet Voluntary".

 Other favorites include “Trumpet Tune” also by Henry Purcell,  Vivaldi’s “Spring” from The Four Seasons; “Jesu, Joy Of Man’s Desiring” (pronounced yay-sue) by Bach, “Ode To Joy” (or “Hymn To Joy”) which many people know as a church hymn but is actually the main melody to Beethoven’s Symphony Ninth Symphony; or selections from Handel’s “Watermusik” or “Royal Fireworks”.  All of these pieces can be heard in various forms on YouTube.  There is no wrong answer – only the one which is most right for you.  One consideration is the length of the aisle you’ll be walking down.  Some pieces take longer to develop – or make musical sense – so they may not be practical for a short procession.  Often, when the Bridesmaids are coming down to a different selection you may want their piece of music to have a different character, style, pace, or feel to create a dramatic contrast between them and you.

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