Monday, August 20, 2012

8/5/12 Stephanie & Brian Thank You Note

Thank you so much for being the music coordinator at our wedding.  We are so grateful that we had an amazing and talented DJ for our reception.  You helped the whole evening go smoothly, you played songs that had people up and dancing the whole night, and you nailed all of the cues for the introductions, toasts, first dances, and father daughter dances.  Everything was perfect and we know that a lot of the behind the scenes credit goes to you and your team of talented musicians.  As a personal thank you, we wanted to tell you how much we appreciated how you took the time to learn a new device to help us record our first dance live.  It really meant a lot to us and we know it was not easy.  

On a side note, did we manage to get a good live recording?  

Thanks so much for helping to make our wedding perfect in every way!  

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