Tuesday, February 28, 2012

12/23/12 Rebecca & John's Wedding Day

The grand lobby of The Renaissance Hotel Downtown was the setting for the emotional ceremony.  Rebecca entered to John and I playing the theme song from the film "Legends Of The Fall" titled "The Ludlows" by James Horner.  This was the first time we played this piece but it will be part of our repertoire for a long time.  During the service the Violin and Piano played "The Rose" by Bette Midler as Rebecca offered her Mom a Rose.  Then "100 Years" by Five For Fighting capped the service as The Recessional.  Great Stuff.

Cool idea - for a small wedding.  I noticed that each of the 5 table had empty seats but after the first course John and Rebecca got up and moved to another table to have the second course and then to another for the third ...  Hard to do for a big wedding but I had never seen that done before.

Although no dancing was planned for this intimate Reception the Bride did ask us to play a "What A Wonderful World" so she could dance with her Dad.  A fitting end to a beautiful night.

As always, Tony Lee and the staff at The Renaissance did a great job.
Officiant: Reverend Larry Goyda of Meaningful Marriages
Photographer : Michael Will Photography (He did not take the photo above.  From my iPhone)
Video by All Pro USA Multimedia

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