Friday, February 17, 2012

Lost Titanic Violin May Have Been Found

I'm not sure how to take it but people often say they feel like they are on the Titanic when I am playing.  Maybe I should buy this instrument.

The violin found with the lifeless body of Wallace Hartley, the violinist who led the ill-fated band aboard the doomed luxury liner RMS Titanic, may be the same one undergoing tests for authentication in advance of a possible sale. The British auctioneer Henry Aldridge & Sons has announced that the firm has been approached by the owner of a violin believed to be the one that was returned to Hartley’s fianc√© after a the violinist’s body was returned to England for burial following the infamous April 15, 1912 ship disaster. Hartley and seven other musicians became immortalized as the “band that played on” after survivors reported the musicians had stayed on the boat deck to perform hymns as a way to calm terror-stricken passengers.

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